snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

tainted love

incase i forget or don't have time to post some pics today,
here's a video i spotted the other day which i kind of like.

the girl has a music box thing with holes in the paper or whatever it's called
and it's plugged into a mandolin.
so she turns the handle and it plays the music.

that's genius right ?

she reminds me a bit of anna friel too.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

first few pics from paris

i have loads of iphone pics from gay paris but first off let me show you some proper
photos taken with a proper camera.
just a few today because i'm very busy, but hopefully i'll have more to show you 

the view from my hotel room in paris.
there was a smart little balcony and a view of the blackpool tower.

looking down onto the street below.

a nice mosaic around the corner from my hotel

and another.

this was the christian louboutin shop on rue st. honore.
i can't believe they get their deliveries like this.
i swear in london there would be a heap of security guards.

i had an iphone time-out guide to the best flat whites in paris.
this was the only place on the list that i managed to try though.
as well as good coffee, they also do food.
mainly omelettes.

it's a teeny tiny place with wonky stairs. well worth trying if your'e in
the st germain area.

and look, they gave me and mrs w a free marshmallow teddy bear each.

tres bon.

Monday, 21 April 2014

easter monday

right, before i bore you with photos from paris...
( what i mean is, before i edit my paris photos )

let me show you a few other pics i have kicking about.

i bumped into my friend barrington a couple of weeks ago.
he showed me some of his very impressive collection of...
er, what are those things called ? that you use to catch fish with...

they look really nice.
i've never been into fishing, in fact i've only ever tried it twice.
but i was never offered these little things to play with.

they're great aren't they ?
i don't think they're for using on a canal though, which was where i did my first
attempt at fishing ( when i caught nothing )
or when fishing for mackerel in a boat off the west coast or ireland where it
seemed to me that the fish were throwing themselves at the hooks to get caught
and i lost count of how many of the fools i caught.

these things barrington had though... they were amazing.

i might just start collecting them for the halibut
( leave it - ed )

oi oi !

moving on...

a bloke in wales sent this to me last week.
a model of a sports photographer.
can you guess how big it is ?

i guess it was a subbuteo accessory

some japanese chewing gum.
just what the doctor ordered.

some air max 1's i bought from liberty.
ropey laces though.

paris stuff tomorrow.

sunday in paris ( thursday in london )

ok, i'm putting this post together in london on thursday 17th.
because i'll be in paris on sunday and i don't want to have to resort 
to blogging from my phone again.

so... just a few random pics from my blog folder to keep you entertained ( i hope )

oh... just one pic in fact.

i forgot to finish this post and now i'm back home.

what was i going to say about this picture ?
only that "there will be socks"

Saturday, 19 April 2014

a few more portraits

a few more portraits from my website.
and perhaps ( if i can be bothered / remember ) a few words to accompany them.

albeiro. he used to work in my building.
i did some portraits of him to send back to his family in colombia.

erin o'connor. i photographed her backstage at the old vic a few years ago.
i had only 3 or 4 minutes but got some really nice portraits of her
( if i say so myself )

martin parr.
my favourite photographer.
i shot him at the tate modern a few years ago.
he was a nice bloke.

what's this bloke's name ?
oh dear... i can't remember. i remember he was called bob
and he was ( like me ) deeply welsh.
he was in that film master and commander with russell crowe
and he was also in 'hunky dory' last year ( which was a great film )
oh... it'll come to me... bob somebody anyway.

this portrait was at the border of england and scotland.
he was the singer of a band that i thought was going to make it big time.

i was wrong.

my friend and assistant g-fog, maybe 3 years ago.

jeff the chef... and his lobster friend.

grrr ! i can't remember this lad's name.
he was a barman though at a new place i was photographing.
or should i say a mixologist at a new place i was photographing.

kitty and teta... i remembered their names no problem.
they were performers at a restaurant called circus.

i can't remember this fellow's name... but he was french.


that's all for now.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

chips / paris / fries

i'm off to paris this morning
i don't know about you, but i never say the word "fries"
you know why.

to me they are always chips.

gareth bale

what a player.

what a great goal to win a cup final.

cymru am byth.