snapshots and observations

Saturday, 19 April 2014

a few more portraits

a few more portraits from my website.
and perhaps ( if i can be bothered / remember ) a few words to accompany them.

albeiro. he used to work in my building.
i did some portraits of him to send back to his family in colombia.

erin o'connor. i photographed her backstage at the old vic a few years ago.
i had only 3 or 4 minutes but got some really nice portraits of her
( if i say so myself )

martin parr.
my favourite photographer.
i shot him at the tate modern a few years ago.
he was a nice bloke.

what's this bloke's name ?
oh dear... i can't remember. i remember he was called bob
and he was ( like me ) deeply welsh.
he was in that film master and commander with russell crowe
and he was also in 'hunky dory' last year ( which was a great film )
oh... it'll come to me... bob somebody anyway.

this portrait was at the border of england and scotland.
he was the singer of a band that i thought was going to make it big time.

i was wrong.

my friend and assistant g-fog, maybe 3 years ago.

jeff the chef... and his lobster friend.

grrr ! i can't remember this lad's name.
he was a barman though at a new place i was photographing.
or should i say a mixologist at a new place i was photographing.

kitty and teta... i remembered their names no problem.
they were performers at a restaurant called circus.

i can't remember this fellow's name... but he was french.


that's all for now.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

chips / paris / fries

i'm off to paris this morning
i don't know about you, but i never say the word "fries"
you know why.

to me they are always chips.

gareth bale

what a player.

what a great goal to win a cup final.

cymru am byth.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

change of plan

change of plan.
i'll show you some behind the scenes in china tomorrow.
for today let me show you what i did today.

i went to photograph a new restaurant in the west end.
naturally enough i did some self-portraits.

this was more or less the first frame i took.
i hadn't even taken my jacket off.

after a little while i did another photo of my favourite subject.

then when i shot the downstairs area i did another.
as you can see i was representing n7.

and finally
one of me and my new mates.

it was a good shoot to be honest.
the manager made me a flat white more or less straight away,
i managed to park right outside and also my hair was looking good.

what ?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

chinese food

i started to tell you about a meal i had in china, remember ?

when we were invited into a family's home and they cooked for us.

i'll show you some behind the scenes pics tomorrow but for now
( as it's nearly tomorrow anyway )
here are some pics of the food we were served.

this is a pic of the four dishes.

to be honest, i just took photos. i have no idea what the dishes were called.

here they are individually.

er... some peppers and what not.

this was too un-meaty for me to even feign interest in.

i didn't touch this one either to be honest.
am i a bad person ?

i didn't mean to be rude, i just don't eat those kind of vegetable things.
i was with 4 other people anyway, and they all tucked in...

plus i was just the photographer...

right ?

ok i ate some of this. it was a big old omelette kind of thing.
i'm pretty rubbish with chopsticks but i gave this a go.
omelette and chilli.
what's not to like ?

behind the scenes pics tomorrow.

Monday, 14 April 2014

portraits ( and cheek )

how about some portraits from my website today ?

jamie oliver.
i did this photo for an australian magazine who had just voted him 2nd sexiest
man in the world.

while i wouldn't agree that he is second behind me as sexiest man in the world,
i would like to say that i have a lot of time for jamie oliver.

he is a really nice bloke.

oh, i mean that he's a good bloke... not that i fancy him...

am i digging a hole here or what ?

when i tell people that i shot jeffrey archer in his penthouse apartment they 
are usually disappointed to hear that...

( oh i'm sure you can finish that line yourselves )

andrew neill.
he wasn't as chatty as jamie oliver, not even as chatty as jeffrey archer.
but he was a very nice chap to photograph

the cheeky girls.
they were surprisingly un-cheeky.
on the cheek scale they were way behind jamie oliver.

lady victoria hervey.


trevor bayliss.
a very interesting bloke.
cheekier than jamie oliver too.

david james.
he was top bloke.
after the shoot he gave me his gloves and signed them.
he places somewhere between jamie oliver and jeffrey archer on the cheek-o-meter

i can't remember this bloke's name but he owns some very good restaurants
and clubs. he was what i'd call fairly cheeky. he kept calling my assistant "rosie"
in a broad scottish accent even though he wasn't scottish.

trevor eve.
he liked my camera very much.
he's not trying to sell me a necklace here by the way.
it was a still for a tv programme.

tara fitzgerald. although i've seen her acting cheekily in films
i found her to be jolly serious in real life.
this is not a still from a tv programme she was in, it's in her shed at home
and she really is into studying forensic science in her spare time.

ok i was being cheeky there.

sarah jane mee.
she is a tv presenter and is right into sport.
she talked non-stop about footy.

this was funny... or maybe you had to be there.
it was...
oh it's a long story but basically i didn't know the chef ( tom aikens )
had a twin brother and was wondering why i'd ask him something then he'd
go off to find the answer, come back and not talk to me.
( yes, you had to be there - ed )

these two actresses i photographed for ok! magazine a few years ago.
the cheekiest person on this shoot was my assistant.

and finally for today. 
a portrait i did of a guitarist with a website i really like the name of.

cheeky !

Sunday, 13 April 2014


just a few odd iphone pics i have kicking around.

a painting i saw at tate britain.
i was planning on using a certain caption with this one...
but then i thought i'd just leave it up to you.

an iphone photo of a coffee i made a few sundays ago.

and my breakfast the same day.
berries, yoghurt and honey.

my headphones with bape cable tidy ( don't ask )

me, batter and elvis at the end of an evening on the gin ( don't ask  )

me on the bus home later that night.

proper pics tomorrow.