snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

bbq footwear

yes this isn't much of a post,
yes i'm playing catch-up with my blog to get back on track

( one post per day... them's the rules ! )

a footwear / sock game shot i took at a foot patrol x converse bbq
last week in ( grrr ! ) south london

how rude of me to wear nike to a converse sponsored event.

i think i was brought up badly.

final pics i promise

oops, i just found what will be the last pics of robocat, i promise.

the previous efforts were phone pics. these are from my gx1

so this is from when we did the shoot together. i think it was last wednesday.
in a shock move she had some sort of trainers on.

in a non-shock move, so did i.


no idea what's going on, but sometimes i like pics when the subject isn't looking 
at the camera.

we were just about to do a shot of our shoe battle when her dress blew up in a gust of wind.

ever the gentleman, i tried to take a photo... but i was too slow.

what ? don't judge me !

and finally... 
one last chance for me to say
"i'm the one on the right"

bye bye robocat

representing n7

i took a photo of myself last thursday, standing in front of a photo at an exhibition.

chance meeting with robocat

the day after my last shoot with robocat i was in a meeting in town
when she sent me a photo message of her eating a hotdog and drinking champagne.

i realised she was at a place called bubble dogs which was seriously a two minute walk from 
the coffee shop i was in so i asked her to swing over and meet my friend.

after exchanging pleasantries i took this photo of the three of us
i'll leave you to figure out which one is my mate keith and which one is robocat.

i decided to take a last phone portrait of her
she was full of herself having just bought an "awesome" new cap

it cracked me up a little because of it having the word "lucky" on it
napoleon dynamite... right ?

after a couple of minutes cracking about in the heat we retired to a pub
where i bought her one final pint.

then we posed for one final photo together.
london will be a little bit poorer for her leaving.

she was quite a character.

she flew back to china the next day.

bye bye robocat

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

world cup 'moments'

i saw these illustrations the other day.

memories from the world cup in brazil

the player who the crowd near me at arsenal used to call 'the rapist'
scoring v spain.

my favourite player from the world cup
( apart from dos santos, vidal and alexis )
scoring against uruguay

that german bloke scoring the goal that won the world cup final

everybody's favourite pantomime dame.

arjen robben taking a dive against mexico

world renowned racist, goalscorer and serial biter luis suarez
tucking into an italian shortly before taking a break from football.

representing n7

as my assistant alan used to say.

and my assistant g-fog still says...

i hate south london.

and guess what ? i had two shoots there last week.

still, i kept my happy face on.

throwback thursday

back in the day things were going pretty well for myself and natalie imbruglia.

she used to tell me that i was warm and that when i came around to see her, that i was dignified.

after a while though, things went sour and she told me she didn't know me anymore,
also something about her inspiration running dry...

so we split up.

still, as long as she didn't write a song about us, i don't care.

what ?