snapshots and observations

Thursday, 17 July 2014

representing n7 and spanish eyes

as you might know, i make the occasional run of limited edition t-shirts.

ordinarily i sell them through instagram but i'll give you notice here first
with this next batch.

here's the logo i'm thinking of using.
or at least i was thinking about that logo until

boom !
that's right.

so what i'm hoping they will look like is this
like a camo pocket but not a pocket

what do you reckon ?
anybody interested ?

and on a lighter note.

i can't get this song out of my head lately.

i think i need to belt it out at a karaoke night after a few beers to get it out
of my system.

the version i have in my head is by faith no more, not by al martino
but you get the idea.

i couldn't find a vide of faith, but i reckon al is probably nicer to watch anyway.

plus he looks a little bit like one of my favourite all-time characters...

the count, from sesame street.

more nonsense tomorrow.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

saturday by phone

on saturday i met mrs w at a certain coffee shop in soho.

i spent a lot of time people watching while i was there. mainly keeping
an eye on the sock situation.

one of the waitresses had a good look
nice apron too.

as for my footwear
i debuted these bad boys
they are a rio edition wf-1 mid
though my friend robo-cat said they look like minecraft.

i had a cracking flat white
which really hit the spot.

so i did a shot for my friend coolbeancake
who has an instagram thing going called

then i invited mrs w into frame
as her sneaker game was strong too.

after a disappointing lime drizzle cake we moved over to liberty to buy 
some presents for... it's a long story.

on the top floor at liberty i saw this poster which i was thinking about buying
for la niƱa and maybe fixing it on her bedroom ceiling while she's asleep.

it would be a great thing to see when you first open your eyes in the morning.

right ?

in liberty i went into the fabric department and bought a couple of metres of this.
woah !

not bad !

a new camp material from liberty
limited edition too
it's fantastic.

in january i'll show you want i've made with it.

yes... january.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

welcome to the velodrome

yesterday i went to that velodrome thing
i took this pic with my phone

and my friend m1 took this of me with my phone and a fisheye lens
sure the building looks great but in hindsight, he could have crouched down so i 
didn't look like the half-man from game of thrones.

i took this effort with a proper camera
not a heap of difference when it's scaled down to blog size really.
anyway, it's a corking building

inside my friend m1 and his son big 'o' went for whatever it's called lessons
i was up by the cafe having a sketchy flat white and a surprisingly nice
breakfast muffin.

i did make an attempt at being interested
when they came out onto the track
plus i'd finished my muffin by this stage.

m1 leading the way

and coming up high on the bank

it looked like such a fun thing to do.
so i asked if i can have a go next time.

what can possibly go wrong ?

then again i remembered yesterday when was the last time i actually rode a bike...

it was the day of princess diana's funeral !

like i said... what can possibly go wrong ?

Monday, 14 July 2014

iphone monday

yes really iphone monday

first up, some photos i took of tourists outside the british museum a month or so back.

fair play to them

ooops ! 
i think they spotted me.
but when i'm spotted doing things like this, 
what i tend to do is...

keep taking more photos until i'm happy that i've got a nice pic.
these are all phone pics by the way, and it was a dull, rainy day.

the british museum is not only a cracking place to look around inside,
it's also great for people watching outside.

these tourists are breaking the law by not making 'peace' signs with their fingers.

i was thinking about sneaking into this shot to be honest

i really like it when tourists ask me if i'd mind taking a photo of them with their camera.
unfortunately it rarely happens to me.
probably on account of me looking so miserable.

i was standing chatting next to this bloke and the girl came up and asked him to take a photo. she pretty much stone-walled me and just asked him.
even though i'm a photographer and he's a hairdresser, she still chose him.
grrr !
personally i would have crouched down a little but apart from that i think he did a good job.
he had her smiling anyway.

and why didn't this couple ask me ?
this bloke is definitely looking down on them too much.

that's more like it.
crouch down low to get the impressive building and a bit of sky in the background.

i'm going to pack in now but yes there are more phone pics tomorrow.
all from the country where i spotted this sign.
that's right...

wales !

iphone sunday

more iphone nonsense

some iphone screen grabs today.
as you may know, i'm quite into instagram these days.
if you're not yet on it i seriously recommend you give it a go.

and if you liked my blog the way it used to be you should really follow

anyway, instagram is a great place to skulk around in while you're having a coffee.
you find the strangest things while searching.

one fell i've found has some amazing food dishes.
not all of them are up my street
( he often has sprouts, sweetcorn and mushrooms in his photos )
but here are three meals i really like of his.

two burgers and four sausages on a bap ?
what a great little snack to have in-between meals.

egg and bacon on top of lasagne, with toast ?

that's breakfast sorted.

the potato cakes on the side are the clinching touch here.

anyway, you might want to follow me
but you may also want to keep an eye on @weasteman

Sunday, 13 July 2014

iphone saturday

i have a whole heap of old iphone photos to get through before
i return to normal blogging so let's crack on with a few today and more tomorrow.

let's start with this little snack i put together one evening when i was left home alone.
if anybody wants the recipe and instructions just drop me an email.

it was so long ago i almost forgot where this place was.
but it was during a recce i did for an event in september.
it's to do with socks by the way.

it's an interesting venue right ?
what a great place to come visit and to buy some socks.
see you in september.

spanish socks, japanese jeans

we the north !

n7 summer '14 t-shirts.
white with orange logo.
i still have a few left if anybody is interested

get 'em while they're hot, they're lovely !

and a few of these too.

they all come with free stickers.
what's not to like ?

me looking, well... looking miserable i suppose.
i think this was at tate britain.

some satisfied customers with their new n7 apparel.

oh !

limited edition heather grey n7 tees with glow-in-the-dark logo.


a bee messing about on some sort of flower in regent's park

kfc starfish in china somewhere.

the mess my team and i left in the kfc after our post near death experience.

new welsh / japanese jeans with 70's converse chucks and camo socks.

an old pic i found of finalhome.

a very well dressed chap i know.
( he's from n7 by the way )